The Wyoming State Golf Association has established this website in order to better serve our member clubs and golfers.

Mission of the Wyoming State Golf Association

The Wyoming State Golf Association (W.S.G.A.) is the governing body of amateur golf in the state of Wyoming. Since its formation in 1922, the objective of the W.S.G.A. has been to promote and maintain the game of amateur golf throughout Wyoming.

With its affiliation with the United States Golf Association (U.S.G.A.) and the GHIN Handicap System, the W.S.G.A. provides member clubs across the state with the only recognized handicap service in Wyoming. By paying your annual handicap fee at your local club, you as a player become a member of the Wyoming State Golf Association.

Among the services provided each year by the W.S.G.A. are:

  1. HANDICAP SERVICE - The W.S.G.A. provides handicap service to (51) member clubs throughout the state and is fully trained to answer any handicap related questions that may arise.
  2. COURSE RATING - The W.S.G.A. is responsible for rating all golf courses in the state of Wyoming.
  3. TOURNAMENT SPONSORSHIP - Each year, the W.S.G.A. provides nearly $30,000 to promote and sponsor (six) state championship events and (two) state team events for W.S.G.A. members.
  4. JUNIOR SPONSORSHIP - The W.S.G.A. provides over $10,000 annually to sponsor boys and girls teams from Wyoming, to enable them to compete in JUNIOR AMERICA'S CUP team events at sites across the western United States.
  5. SCHOLARSHIP FUNDING - Each year, the W.S.G.A. awards several scholarships totaling $10,000 per year to deserving applicants across the state. To date, the W.S.G.A. has provided well over $55,000 in scholarship funds to college bound students throughout Wyoming.
  6. HANDICAP & TOURNAMENT INFORMATION - The W.S.G.A. publishes an annual Tournament Schedule and Handicap Information Booklet containing handicap information, a directory of golf courses in Wyoming and a May through October schedule of events throughout the state. The booklet is distributed, free of charge, to all member clubs in Wyoming. Pick one up at your local club or call the W.S.G.A. for a free copy.
  7. HOSTING U.S.G.A. EVENTS - The W.S.G.A. provides annual qualifying sites for the U.S.G.A. Men's Public Links, Junior Amateur, U.S. Open and Men's Mid-Amateur Championships and has been proud to host two U.S.G.A. National Championships in Wyoming - The U.S. Men's Public Links and U.S. Women's Public Links Championships. We have also hosted both the Boys and Girls Junior America's Cups. We can all be proud of the national exposure these events bring to our clubs, our members and to the state of Wyoming.
  8. COMMUNICATING WITH THE U.S.G.A. - The Wyoming State Golf Association is your link to the U.S.G.A. Matters involving amateur status, handicapping, rules and many more are all handled and communicated through the W.S.G.A. The W.S.G.A. will provide you with any information needed to answer your question or solve your problem. This service is available to member clubs and W.S.G.A. members alike.

We, at the Wyoming State Golf Association, are pleased to provide these services to a membership of nearly 10,000 golfers from some 51 different clubs throughout the state. We hope you choose to participate in our tournaments and appreciate your involvement in our programs.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact our year-round office at the address below. Have a great summer and enjoy the game of golf.

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