WSGA Points Standings

The purpose of the point evaluation system is to establish objective criteria by which Committees can judge the performance of golfers who participate in state or national tournaments beginning after March 31 and concluding prior to November 1.

Point standings and player rankings derived from the Point Evaluation System are used to determine player of the year awards and select team participants.

Point evaluation systems exist for men, juniors boys and junior girls.

Tournament Participation Limit

In order to prevent unfair advantages of one player over others, simply by playing in more tournaments, each player will only be allocated points based on six tournament finishes out of a maximum of twelve.

At least two of the player's six point finishes must be from a Wyoming State Golf Association Championship or United States Golf Association Championship and/or Qualifier.

If a player participates in more than twelve tournaments in a single season, points will only be given for six finishes out of the first twelve tournaments in which the player participates.

USGA State Team

The selection of the biennial three-man USGA State Team will be based upon the final USGA State Team Standings every even numbered year.

The USGA State Team Standings are determined by combining a player’s previous year’s point total with points awarded through August 15th of the current even numbered year.

Those golfers ranked in the top three of the USGA State Team Standings will qualify for the team.

Pacific Coast Amateur Morse Cup Team

The selection of the annual three-man Morse Cup Team at the Pacific Coast Amateur will be determined by combining a player's previous year's point total with points awarded through the State Amateur of the current year. Those golfers ranked in the top three will qualify for the team.

2015 Pacific Coast Amateur Points
  Mid- Am Senior Am Four-Ball Jr. Am Match Play USGA
State Am U.S Open
USGA Jr. Total Points
John Hornbeck
300 100       250       650.00
Easton Paxton
      100 300       200 600.00
Jordan Costello
      50   400   100   550.00
Quintin Pope
            500     500.00
Danny Davis
        400         400.00
Todd Griffin
200       100   100     400.00
P.J. Thomas
            350     350.00
Mark Isakson
100 62.5 150             312.50
Austin Hinchey
            300     300.00
Chandler Meeboer
    250             250.00
Aaron Nirider
    250             250.00
Logan Harrison
          250       250.00
Bandon Davison
25       200         225.00
Robert Gill
  200               200.00
Jeff Tyrrell
        100   100     200.00
John Murdock IV
        100   100     200.00
Taylor Murtland
        200         200.00
Robbie Harding
          200       200.00
Eugene Routledge
    150             150.00
Coy Potthoff
      150           150.00
Roger Sheaffer
150                 150.00
Scott Bates
25   100             125.00
Bandon Rideout
    125             125.00
Robert Shipp
    125             125.00
Todd Van Rensselar
    100             100.00
Kirby Coe-Kirkham
        100         100.00
Jason Tharp
65.5                 65.50
Trevor Pilgrim
62.5                 62.50
Jim Marshall
  62.5               62.50
Dave Balling
25 25               50.00
Roland Gustafson
  25               25.00
Alec Richardson
      25           25.00
Pat Fernandez
  25               25.00
Mark Haghani
      25           25.00
Michael Layton
      25           25.00
Dallas Millin
      25           25.00
Kent Jesperson
  25               25.00
Dean Dorland
25                 25.00
Kevin Officer
  25               25.00

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